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Drone Pilot & Videographer


Graphic Designer

Branding Consultant


Patti and I have been married for 35 years and share the enjoyment of 3 adult aged sons. 

Josiah - is a college baseball coach and college instructor in Tennessee.


Joshua - just started a career at Intel in Portland, Oregon and is a Licensed Commercial Pilot. 

Jacob - lives in Scottsdale, Arizona who is starting his own bussincess. 



Since I'm usually behind the camera, pictures of me are few and far between. However, Thanksgiving is an opportunity for family members to grab my camera and shoot a few. This is me in a moment of extreme hunger after waiting for the oven to do its thing on the turkey.

People tell me my images have a personality all to themselves. I've been shooting since my teenage years when father my gifted me with a Nikon F series (completely) manual camera. Together, we used to develop pictures in black and white in his mini studio.  


Since then I have been working to continually improve my craft and bring still and aerial images to life.

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